A Japanese dream exists at the moment as two individual unique books.  

One in leporello format with 31 black and white photogravures of plate size:  6.5 x 12 cm printed on Zerkall Wove off white 340gr + colophon, with hardbound cover wrapped in old buddhist prayers.  Size: 11.3 x 16.7 cm x  total length 196 cm with images on both sides. For protection it is nested in an old Japanese lacquer / urushi box made of paper. 

The other book is of a smaller size but still leporello format and it consists of 14 black and white photogravures of which some are printed with chine collé on Zerkall Wove off white 340g, plate size:  6.5 x 12 cm, 7 gravures on each side, printed with Gutenberg ink,  leporello.  Format: 10 x 17.5 cm, full length: 80 cm. This book is wrapped in an old handwritten piece of Japanese Mulberry paper. 

Both printed and bound in Copenhagen during 2016/2017.  As this is an ongoing project more books will follow.