is test prints and work for upcoming exhibitions, which can also be seen on my instagram account @lenebennike 

The first two ones show long narrow kozo papers with prints for an artistbook and an upcoming exhibition in Paris late 2019. Yet, untitled but deeply inspired by a recent visit to Japan in 2018.

Next comes my series NOCTURNAL NOTES which is also Travel Notes some of which captured during the very early hours of the morning.  Here in 2018 I have begun to print these as chine collé on old antiphonal rag paper from 19th century. 

Presented here is also new series  MES RACINES photogravure on chine collé of pages from an old French Atlas of rag paper.  These were made for the Bienniale Internationale de l'Estampe in Dreux, France, and they were awarded 2nd prize by the jury.