Based in Copenhagen I work with printmaking, artist books, photography and curating.  My work sees light of day through thematic series with focus on ‘people and places'.  I try intuitively to freeze an atmosphere which could later be part of a story.

Slowness has been my focus for many years especially since I began practising Heartfulness Meditation 30 years ago. In the nineties I was taught techniques like palladium and cyanotype printing (light sensitive emulsion brushed onto paper) at the International Center of Photography in New York. Cyanotype gave birth in 1999 to an interdisciplinary project 'Quilts & Portraits from Kutch',  an exhibition later turned into a photographic essay with focus on recycling and old crafts. A story made of love and respect for a talented group of women in the Westernmost part of India. 

The portraiture has always been dear to my heart as emphasised in the story ‘Immigrante’ published early 2011. But when I come across a lonely, quiet and empty space, a moment in time reveals itself and enables me to focus on a prevailing stillness, to be PRESENT, to LISTEN and to LEARN.  

My quest for slowness has developed ever since. After a detour in 2003 with Graphic Experimentarium in Copenhagen I began in 2007 to work on a regular basis at the graphic printmaking studio Atelier Agerbo run by graphic artist, Bjarne Agerbo. Today my artwork consist of photogravure, aquatint etchings, linocut, woodcut and collages.  I feel at home having the physical contact with the plates, ink and printing press and I am challenged by the interplay between contemporary and old methods.  I find inspiration in tactile qualities of handmade paper, old worn materials like handmade rag paper book pages or other found distressed material like old Japanese washi paper. It all shakes up my sense of order and working with processes I can’t always control is very inspiring. 

Photogravure is my preferred graphic media. This is an intaglio printmaking technique and one of the oldest and most beautiful ways of transferring an image to a piece of paper. A technique, where the mirrored positive image is transferred to a photo sensitive plate, which I then ink by hand and print by means of an etching press. In this way I combine photography and graphic art to invoke a distinctive tactile effect that gives the images a strong physical immediacy and presence. 

I have work in museums, art collections and galleries. I exhibit on a regular basis either solo, at juried exhibitions or group shows in Denmark and abroad. I hold a membership of the Association of Danish Graphic Artists, The Danish Visual Artists Association and Naestved Graphic Workshop. I am represented at ShopEditions Christoffer Egelund Gallery, Copenhagen and Galleri5000 in Odense.