These aquatint plates were made during a residency stay in Paris in 2012 and can be seen in my gallery in the series 'OMBRES' .

Now I have given them new life and printed a few of the plates on heavy antique antiphonal music sheets.  The pages originally come from old French books used for the Liturgy of the Hours in the Roman Catholic Church.  The pages dates to 1816 and is most likely rag paper with hemp and linen. Wonderful to the touch and lovely with its characters set in Latin. 

Due to the original nature of the antiphonal paper each print appears unique. Plate size is still 15 x 20 cm and each print is then glued onto a sheet of Zerkall Wove off white 340g, so full size is  24  x 29 cm, each print comes embossed and  discreetly signed on front.  

They were presented for the first time framed in an exhibition in Copenhagen March 2017.