I lived in France during the seventies and it was in those days that I met Marianne for the first time. A spontaneous reunion in 2005 planted a seed which slowly grew into this story, fed on mutual aspiration and my admiration for an unusual woman, small of stature but with a big heart and a strong commitment.  Despite a life linked to the bottom of society where social security was scarce and the right to family allowance cut in half due to a Polish background, Marianne managed to retain a respect for others, a rare humility and thriftiness. She accepted her destiny and her struggle marked her face and her soul. Marianne was the mother of 13 children and a French citizen. 

The portrait came to see light of day between 2006 and 2008. It consists of photographic records,  printed as photogravure in a limited edition and partly of Mariann'es own painstakingly hand written testimonies. It has been my wish that images and statements reinforce each other to draw a picture of the destiny of a European woman as a contribution to the on-going debate on immigration. 

The portrait consists of 12  large scale hand pulled photogravures on Zerkall Wove 340g in a limited edition.  A book with black/white photographs was published late 2010 in a limited edition of 100 and is sold out today.