The idea of QUILTS & PORTRAITS FROM KUTCH came to me in the late nineties when I was experimenting with historical photographic processes like cyanotype and palladium printing at the International Center of Photography in New York. As the images of the desert women began to develop with a rare presence on the heavy wet fiber paper I realised I had the key to a story about proud women and beautiful quilts. A story where quilts and photographs go hand in hand time-wise and texture-wise thus putting emphasis on recycling and slowness.

Moreover the quilts provide a shining example of the desert women's artistic capabilities whilst at the same time bringing to light traditional crafts like block-printing and tie-dying

My first visit to this fascinating country lies more than 25 years back. I was instantly carried away by the friendly and disarming Kutchi hospitality.  I had before me a unique place offering something hardly to be found in the Western world.

This is a story  made of love and respect, dedicated to my friends in Kutch always present with a genuine hospitality and a rare warmth completely unaware of the future awaiting them. Kutch was hit by a devastating earthquake on January 26, 2001.