Inspired by daily commuters in the city of  Paris, fascinated by the ongoing movement and interaction I decided to turn to photographic recordings in order for their appearance to dissolve into faint traces of presence. The technique used is photogravure chine collé.  The latter being an extra layer of thin paper printed between the plate and the printing paper.  As chine collé paper I have either used Japanese Gampi paper or French handwritten letters in sepia ink from mid 19th century thus letting traces of the past merge with the present.  Each print is unique. 

Part of URBAN TRACES was selected for the juried  7th Engraving Biennial of St. Maur at the St. Maur Museum in PARIS in 2015 with the theme being TRACES. They were on display  from September through January 2016.  Some of the prints also appear in the richly decorated catalogue published by the St. Maur Museum.

All printed with Gutenberg and Charbonell ink on  Zerkall Wove off white paper 340g,  chine collé of Japanese Gampi paper.  The chine collé prints are unique but the plates have also been printed in an edition of 25 without the extra layer of Gampi paper.   Embossed and discreetly signed on front.